Downtown Car Rental Tips Without Getting Your Wallet Emptied

The car rental industry has used the idea of advertising the lowest price to the fullest extent. The rates which are promoted by the industry often overlook the mandatory extras. If you rent a car at an airport, you would have to pay a lot of money as additional fees. Apart from the rental, you would have to pay the airport concession, car’s registration and rental facility. You might be asked to pay for local civic enhancement, surcharges and sales tax. Downtown car rental Service Company should be your ideal choice if you are looking for a good car rental company.

downtown car rental service company

These charges do not include the optional extra charges which include gasoline, child seat, navigation system, insurance, additional driver, and toll transporter. The drivers who are under the age of 25 or 21 in some states have to pay a much higher price or a regular underage surcharge in order to avail the rental service. In many cases, they are not able to enjoy the rental facilities at all. The younger drivers can opt for car-sharing organizations to get rid of these hindrances.  Downtown car rental Service Company offers car rental services at the most reasonable rates.

You can easily find the best possible solutions for these problems if you plan in advance. Renting the smallest car is not always the best choice and you can opt for the mid-sized car. The rate of the mid-sized car is much lower than the rate which is charged for a more compact car because it is considered to be more safe and comfortable. Read below to enjoy some useful tips for getting the best car rental deals from downtown car rental Service Company.

Shop Online

While opting for a car rental service, you can shop online. You can easily check out the price of a car before selecting it. You can pre-pay the amount or pay at the day of the pick-up. You can also back out without much hassle in case there is a change of plans or you are able to secure a better deal. You can secure the best deal with Downtown car rental Service Company online as well. Read here to get more tips on renting a car online!

No Recall Worries

Till early 2016, the car rental organizations allowed customers to drive the vehicles which have open recalls legally. According to the legislation, all the cars were under a safety recall irrespective of whether they are used, new or rented. The cars had to be repaired before being handed over to the customer.

downtown car rental tips

Ignoring the Big Organizations    

Even though many rental companies seem to be independent, they are actually a part of a large company. The high market positioning of the companies makes their prices different and are mostly on the higher side. The brands which ask for a higher price will have cars which are better-equipped. During the peak season, there is not much difference between the brands.

You can also check the smaller car rental organizations in order to secure the best deals. On many occasions the local companies provide a discount of 10-20% than the major brands. Downtown car rental Service Company offers the best rates to the customers.


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